Experienced and passionate Computer Scientist and Free Software Developer looking for new challenges.

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Niv Sardi-Altivanik FLOSS Architect

Formed as a Mathematician I've been working as a Free Software Developer for the last 15 years, following a path that brought me deep technical knowledge, precise leading skills and a proven experience in the world of politics.

Passionate and details-conscious, I am excited to foster the very best of technology and human capacity into tools we need to steer the world into a more liveable place.


Université Denis Diderot Paris VII   Paris flagFR 2004_2007

owning the diplomatariat

Maths and Computer Science Masters   2007

Université Denis Diderot: Maitrise de Mathematiques et d'Informatique

  • Project : MiniOCaML interpreter (CaML)
  • Research: Big Social Networks Topology — using Graph Theory to analyze online comunities (Perl & C)

Maths and Computer Science Bachelor   2005

Université Denis Diderot: Licence de Mathematiques et d'informatique

  • Project: Suffix Arrays, Algorithms, Analysis and Implementation (C)


Human Languages

Spanish   perfect

lengua materna

French   perfect

lengua paterna

English   perfect

2 años de vida en Australia

Portuguese   intermidate

lived and worked 9 months in Brazil


SCRUM/Agile   perfect

Architecture   perfect

Proceses   perfect


C, UNIX sh   perfect

JavaScript, CSS, Lisp   advanced

Python, Perl   intermidate


Packaging   perfect

SysAdmining   advanced

Virtualization and Containers   intermidate

Latest Work Experience

Presidencia de la Nacion: Technology Architect   BuenosAires flagAR 2019

I took part of the intervention of a sector of the Presidencial office. My role was to ensure a smooth operation of the IT infrastructure during the intervention, and to staff and direct 3 National Directors roles.

The intervention went on with 99% availability, we've set up plans that are currently beeing executed to reduce cost and enhance reliability of all services and software platforms.

I also designed plans that are still in execution to migrate the office to Free Software and develop secure comunications.

Work Experience

Free Software I+D Consultant   LaPaz flagBO 2019

Building the tools to pass the Messages In 2019 I retook my consulting activity, working for a large group of diferent clients.

Head of Software Developement: Evo Morales Campain

Lead the developement of the tools used to gather social media data during the Evo Morales campain. I articulated with diferent political actors and was able to negociate political tensions to create a framework of colaboration.

DataViz Expert: Projecto PODER

Engaged in several shoot and run consultancies to unblock dataviz projects in the NGO

Technical Advising: Frente Patria Grande

Participated as an advisor to the creation of the 'Good Government' proposal presented to president Alberto Fernandez. I worked mostly on the popular networks tainted proposals.

Year Off   2018_2019

failing at trying to do nothing

In 2018 i decided to take a break from working a full time job, i thought it'd be beach and coconuts but i ended up getting involved with various social organizations solving their technical issues.


  • Banco Palmas

    Helped design and implement PalmasNet a community effort internet provider in a Favela in northern Brazil. Since then, I've acted as a technical guidance for the PalmasLab an in-favela technical lab.

  • Ni Una Menos

    Ongoing Tech and Security consultancy for the organization.

  • MIDIA Ninja

    During various 'living experiences' I pushed the boundaries of the organization's use of tech from Social Networks Monitoring to the experimentation of Data Analysis Platform or various hacks and tools for the organization and their peers.

  • WABA Networks

    designing the open-sourcing of Moneda PAR and Discoin


  • Partido Dos Trabalhadores

    I joined in the efforts to analyze the WhatsApp use during the 2018 Brazilian elections. Working with journalists and activists to make sense of the architecture used by the PSL both technically and socially.

  • MECA/Mezenazgos

    Helped with an investigation into the City of Buenos Aires spending into cultural subsidies

Distributed R&D FLOSS Engineer   SanFrancisco flagUS 2016_2017

getting data to places you wouldn't belive endless.png

Endless Computers' mission is to bring top-shelf technology to the people living in the borders of our societies, the rich of the poor, that work hard to make a few hundred dollars but live in favelas and slums around the world, with poor connectivity, electricity or even basic sewage systems.

In the OS team i researched the use of distributed technologies to better counter the 'poor data plan' problem.

Data Distribution

  • Articulate with the NDN research community
  • Coordinate with the Product team to design cache-friendly application architectures
  • Research and proof-of-concepts on the large scale use of NDN in the industry

General OS work

  • Integration of the Steam Platform
  • Integration of KALITE

Free Software I+D Consultant   Paris BuenosAires flagFR 2011_2015 flagAR

Technical Excellency with Open Technologies

In the last years I have been working like a FreeLance consultant solving different kinds of challenges, political and technical ones, for my diverse clients portfolio in the public and private sector.

Technical Advising and Project Management: Secretaria de Energía de la Nación   corpSecEner BuenosAires flagAR 2015

  • Programa Hogar

    Citizen Relationship and data analysis, WebApp (MeteorJS).

Technical Advising and Development: Ente Nacional Regulador de la Electricidad   corpENRE BuenosAires flagAR 2015

  • Crisis Data Analysis

    Real Time interactive Maps (MeteorJS).

Distributed Systems on BlockChain and the DHT: BlockTech   corpBlocktech SanFrancisco flagUS 2014_2015

  • Software Architecture

    Scaling in a disrtibuted world, Project Alexandria (NodeJS).

  • Mixed DHT on UDP/Websockets

    Massively distributed Seeding/Leeching App built with WebTorrent and MeteorJS.

  • Multi Plataforms Apps

    node-webkit and web.

Technical Advising: Editorial de la Universidad de Buenos Aires   corpEUDEBA BuenosAires flagAR 2014_2015

  • Digital Television

    DTV project of Academic TV channel built with Open Source Technologies.

  • Air TV Proof-Of-Concept

    Simple TV station built around the CasparCG Software Stack.

Technical Advising and Development: Ministerio de Educación de la Nación   corpMinEd BuenosAires flagAR 2014

  • Educational Streaming

    Distributed Map of Student Radios with bootstrap App that runs on the state provided Netbooks of Connectar Igualdad (NodeJS, d3, IceCast).

Technical Advising: Comisión Nacional de Comunicaciones   BuenosAires flagAR 2014

  • Mesh Networks

    Civic networks in rural zones (Rió Negro Region).

  • Open Source Radio

    Published Documentation to operate Radio Stations with Free Software.

Technical Advising and Design: Universidad de Quilmes   corpUNQUI Quilmes flagAR 2014

  • Camera Automation Sistem
  • Closed-Circuit Television
  • Bootable Pendrive for Student
  • University's Render Farm
  • University's DAM

Video Research: Neuropolis   corpNeuropolis BuenosAires flagAR 2013

  • Frame Drop

    Image reconstruction with Optical Flow (FFMPEG, OpenCV).

Technical Advising and Proceses: SAGEM   Paris flagFR 2011

  • Open Source for big corporation

    Integration between the R&D and Open Source comunities.

Technical Advising and Performance: SmartJog   Paris flagFR 2011

  • Optimization of connection handeling for Radio and TV streaming Software

    ×4 performance boost.

Tecnico-Political Adviser: Comisión de Tecnología del Instituto Nacional de Asociativismo y Economía Social   BuenosAires flagAR 2012_2013

inaes.png Open Technology for a socialy concious State

The INAES (National Institute for Asociations and Social Economy) is a division of the Ministry of Social Developement whos main objective is the promotion, control and fiscalisation of the Cooperative and Mutual movements.

I directed a Work Group focused on the developement of Technological Cooperatives seen as Startups

Incubation of a «Cooperative Startup»

  • RoadMap Design and Project Architecture
  • Financial Management and Inversion Cycles

Design of Argentina's first aboriginal TV station

  • 100% Free Software, all code on http://github.com/inaes-tic.
  • Political coordination of 3 Cooperatives for the developement of the tecnical parts of the TV Station.
  • Project Management of the TV Station's innovative Playout System.

R&D FLOSS Consultant:   Caracas flagVE 2011_2012

covetel.png FLOSS transformations for Governments and National Corps

I joined the http://covetel.com.ve cooperative to give a hand on their various Free Software Projects:

Processes Optimization:

Designed and Installed a new Git Workflow based on Gitolite.

Debian Packaging automation:

Developed a set of tools on top of DebHelper to ease out the creation of configuration packages (that Covetel Shipped to it's customers).

Adapt Canaima (The National GNU/Linux Distro) to the need of CanTV (National Telco).

Refresh the Canaima Building tools (30+ Patches merged).

Audio/Video Streaming.

Designed and Deployed a Streaming Solution based on VLC, x264 and FFMPEG to get a regional TV channel from one head to another across a small wire.

R&D FLOSS Consultant:   London flagGB 2011_2012

vodo-big.png Performance Ninja & BT master

As a consultant for CROLL I worked with the vo.do team essentially on:

Filesystem Performance

  • Install and tune XFS filesystem for optimal performance for tracker workloads.

BitTorrent Tracker

  • Replace running solution to a much less resource-hungry one with 0 downtime.
  • Patch OpenTracker for in-house need.
  • Design, Implement and Deploy daemon to ease-in tracker workflow (Python).


  • Audit and normalize development process (Git).

Hacking Educator:   BuenosAires flagAR 2010_2011

envion.png Hacking for the (socialy excluded) masses

The Social Inclusion Office of the Avellaneda city gave me a white card opportunity to run a little experiment in Isla Maciel (socialy excluded neighborhood). The goal of the bi-weekly sessions was to get kids to understand and ingest elements of the hacker culture.

The mind process we explored gave them new tools for their daily lives and a better understanding of many technologies they are immersed in.

During those meetings, I use FLOSS for:

Technological Appropriation Process

  • Getting participants to understand that technology is palatable.
  • de-mystification of tools they use on daily basis.
  • Search-Hack-Remix Ideology.

Computer Security Introduction and Self-Awareness

  • Explore different security-breaching methods, their consequences and possible risk-minimization policies.
  • Basic Cryptography.

R&D Software Engineer:   Paris flagFR 2011

Embeded Linux croll.png

As a consultant for CROLL I was integrated inside the 'LATAM' team, of Sagem. This section was selling consulting to Telefonica in Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil.

There I focused on integrating Open Source Tecnics and Methods into the Corporate Workflow.

R&D Software Engineer:   Paris flagFR 2009_2011

smartjog.png Audio, Video, Streaming & Broadcast

I was integrated inside the 'Core' team, of the SmartJog TDF division to work essentially on:

«In House» FFMPEG Maintainer.

  • Patch for Broadcasters specific features.
  • Reverse Engineering of media Formats (MXF, XDCAM,. . . )
  • QA, tests, stability.
  • Back/Forward-Porting between FFMPEG, FFMBC and HEAD.

«In House» Icecast Maintainer.

  • Patch to add new streaming formats (FLV).
  • Code Auditing for Performance and Scalability.
  • Massive code cleanup (30+ patches sent to icecast-devel).

Side projects

  • Porting/Fixing DVB drivers (C Kernel Linux).
  • Designing and Developing a test framework for the internal Transcoding/Wrapping tool (Python, C).
  • Optimize internal development processes (SCM, Release Management, Workflow and tools).

R&D Software Engineer:   Melbourne flagAU 2007_2009

sgi.png Linux Kernel Filesystem

I joined the SGI File-Systems R&D group in Melbourne to work mainly on the XFS File-System.

DMAPI (Data Storage Management API) maintainer.

Parent Pointers feature for XFS.

Wrote a File-System torture suite (C).

Migration of the source control from a closed source internal tool to Git.

  • Wrote a set of scripts to migrate the old content to Git and keep the old SCM
  • up-to-date when working in git (Perl).
  • Wrote documentation, gave presentations to the group and orchestrated the
  • Git transition.

Maintained large patchsets between diferent versions of the Linux Kernel.

Linux Community interaction, via Mailing-Lists and Real-Life events.

Embedded Linux Engineer:   Paris flagFR 2007

openwide.png Embedded Userland, Kernel Drivers & RT-Linux

Open Wide is the leading open source specialist in France. Open Wide OS4I provides consulting, engineering, support and training services to a wide portfolio of clients from specialized medium companies up to the Fortune Forty.

My diversified missions brought me to:

Conceive, develop and deploy Embedded Systems build process and software

architecture (C, Python, Perl, Make, Shell).

Linux Kernel Hacking:

  • Kernel Device drivers (mainly Flash Devices/MTD).
  • Fix bugs in a complex code base (Real-Time & Embedded Systems).
  • Port code between different versions of the Linux Kernel.
  • Study of the LTT and PREEMPT_RT Patches-sets

Develop QA tools for Embedded Systems build process (Perl, Python).

Debug and Optimize code for size and performance (C).

Re-implement core components of the embedded system (Low Level C).

Write Documentation, and make commercial presentations.

VoIP Consultant: Assekuransa   BuenosAires flagAR 2006

VoIP Interconnection

I realized various missions in the IT departement of Assekuransa:

Advice and design of Postfix transports (Perl).

Design and Deploy a VoIP solution between their Mexican and Argentinian office (Asterisk, SIP Phones).

Develop a Monitoring and Reporting tool for their local Hardware PBX (Perl, DBI/SQL).


Charlas AGETIC   LaPaz flagBO 2018_Dic

Debian Packaging Demistifying the daily life of a maintainer

Congreso Internacional de Seguridad Informatica #1   Cochabamba flagBO 2018_Dic

DDoSing modern democracies The use of Whatsapp and FakeNews in the Bolsonaro campaign

Congreso Internacional de Seguridad Informatica #2   Cochabamba flagBO 2018_Dic

Risk Modeling Beeing paranoid doesn't mean you're not beeing followed

HackerCamp   RioDeJaneiro flagBR 2018_Oct

How can we be free New tools for databased societies

Solidarios2018   Fortaleza flagBR 2018_Sept

CryptoCoins for the Social Economy What is crypto and why it matters for Community Banking

Congreso FDE/MidiaNinja   BelloHorizonte flagBR 2018_Jul

Buliding a Hacker Front How can we create sane hacker comunities

Venezuela Digital   Caracas flagVE 2017_Oct

Piracy Culture In a world of pirates it'd be dull not to be one

Culturas Libres   LaPaz flagBO 2016_Oct

3 ways to change the world with tech from software (PopcornTime), from the streets (El Tango No Se Clausura) or industry (Endless) how can you use your skills for good

Comunes   BuenosAires flagAR 2016_Aug

Law Order and Piracy How the law bends with the excuse of piracy

Emergencias #1   RioDeJaneiro flagBR 2015_Dic

Internet as a Public Space w/Joana Veron/Sergio Amadeus/Peter Sunde/…

Emergencias #2   RioDeJaneiro flagBR 2015_Dic

North & South views on technology w/Lawrence Lessig/Peter Sunde/

1er Foro de Cultura Digital   BuenosAires flagAR 2015_Oct

What does Popcorn Time mean for local media consumption Demystifying Copyright

Nuevos escenarios de la comunicación política en el ámbito digital,   LaHabana flagCU 2015_Jun

Challenges of the new latinoamerican connectivity and capacity Cultural Sovereinty through control of the broadcasting tools.

Jornadas de Tecnología Abierta, UNPAZ   JoseCPaz flagAR 2015_May

Popcorn Time: An Argentine Adventure, The history of the popcorntime.io project from Argentina to the world.

MeetUp NodeJS   BuenosAires flagAR 2014_Jul

Real Time and Video in NodeJS The MBC Playout Secret Sauce: Socket.IO, Redis and a lot of CRUD.

Jornadas "Armas para el Pueblo", UNLP   LaPlata flagAR 2014_Oct

Patria o Netflix: Some thoughts on digital comunication, The responsability of the OTT media on the political education of our youth.

Jornadas de Televisión Digital, UNQUI   Quilmes flagAR 2014_Feb

Cooperative Entrepreneurs, The Startup's Management theory refreshed for the Social Economy field

PUCARA   Posadas flagAR 2014_May

Free Software for Broad Casting Why we can't build media sovereignty without free tech

MICA Patagonia   Bariloche flagAR 2013_Dic

WallKinTun TV, 100% Free Software Television

Ecuentro de Economìa Solidaria #1   Tandil flagAR 2012_Nov

Hackers in the State Changing Politics with a Hacker Philosophy.

Ecuentro de Economìa Solidaria #2   Tandil flagAR 2012_Nov

The Politics of Git, What does git mean if looked at from a political point of view.

Artillería del Pensamiento Vs. Fábrica de Mentiras,   Caracas flagVE 2011_Sep

The technology at play in the recent social-networks fueled social movements: How to use them, how to make them, how to block them, and how to make sure we can use them when they (try to) block them.

Linux.Conf.Au (MiniConf)   Melbourne flagAU 2008_Jan

Why don't the Big Guys Like Debian, Debian in Big Corporations

CriSol   LaPlata flagAR 2006_Sep

Report on Education with FLOSS, the CasaVela case

Encuentro Mayo   SantiagoDeChile flagCL 2005_May

Debian, A Social Success

Volunteer Work

Bachillerato Popular   BuenosAires flagAR 2015

I joined a Popular Secondary School as a Mathematics teacher

Programa Envión   BuenosAires flagAR 2010_2011

I worked with the Secretary of Social Inclusion from the Avellaneda city to conduct an educational experiment on bringing the 'Hacker Mindset' to teenagers in the 'Isla Maciel' neighborhood

I used Free Software Tools to:

Technical Apropiation Process

  • Demystifing technology.
  • Understanding how everyday tools are made (Facebook, Google).
  • Search-Hack-Remix ideology.

Introduction to Computer Security

  • Exploits and their mitigation.
  • Understanding the Political implications of Computer Security.
  • Basic Cryptography.

SoLAr→CheLA   BuenosAires flagAR 2006

Education, Social Work & Sysadmin

SoLAr (Software Libre Argentina), is an NGO helping the adoption of FLOSS in Argentina, They helped me get through 2 missions:

  • CheLA is an NGO in Buenos Aires, experimenting with arts and technology, and using both to unite Parque Patricios inhabitants. I was sent there by SoLAr to help them with their IT issues, migrate their systems to GNU/Linux and Develop tools that their artistic experiments required (C, Perl, Python).
  • Casa Vela is an NGO dependent of the Alfonos Farias institution that helps AIDS infected/affected kids providing educational assistance, and giving them access to various workshops.
    • I gave a Computer Science & IT workshop to 6-16 year olds.
    • I also was in charge of Installing and Administrating the Computer Lab. The network design had to cope with the scarce resources and unpredictable network topology/stability.
    • I developed a set of tools based on Avahi to auto-configure and start using services while they appeared on the network (C, Python).



Passionate dancer I've also created "#ElTangoNoSeClausura" an organization that deals with Milongas foreclosures in Buenos Aires, through it we articulate various actions with the rest of the cultural social movements in the city.


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Arts and More

Guitar, Violin, Bandoneon, Photography, Experienced Tango Dancer. small set of Linux servers for personal purposes (Mail/Web/…)

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